Month: February 2024

From Stillness to Clarity

Stillness can lead to clarity.

Photo by Geranimo on Unsplash

Stillness can lead to clarity. My yoga teacher mentioned stillness and clarity as he encouraged us to hold a pose. The more I thought about this idea, I realized that you can reach stillness in many ways, actually being physically still is just one of them. 

I often think of my best ideas or solutions, when my mind is still but maybe not my body. Stillness can be interpreted in many ways. I recently saw a funny advertisement for a mattress where a person wakes up from a good night’s rest and exclaims, “I know where my passport is!” I don’t know if a good mattress or one night’s sleep can bring you this much clarity but I have experienced moments of clarity when I feel stillness. 

Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity

Lao Tzu

I define stillness as more than being physically still.

Pay Attention to Failure

What is failure telling you?

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

What if we pay attention to failure, really think about what it is trying to teach us, and make future decisions based on our past failures? We can approach failure in many ways. We can decide to ignore our failures and move along. We can feel shame about them and not address them. There are so many ways to deal with failure. We could think about each failure and wonder what it can teach us. What is a failure trying to tell you? As my yoga teacher would say…Falling out of a position is an invitation to try again. That is how I am trying to embrace failure nowadays. Failure is an invitation to get back in and learn from it.

When I was just out of college, I moved to New York City and started my job search. I went on job interview after interview in the NYC publishing world.

Rob Heavner

I began working with Pri in the Spring of 2023 as I navigated a transition from longtime teacher to full-time school administrator. At that time, I was having challenges managing my time efficiently and striking the balance between building long-term systems and solving day-to-day problems. I felt inefficient, ineffective, and a little lost when I reached out to Pri. I am so thankful that I did. Pri has completely changed the way I approach my work, my time, and my relationships with all the various stakeholders in an educational setting. Her coaching has brought the best out of me, and we have worked to create a path that is unique to my strengths and gifts as an educator. Pri is an amazing listener, and she seems to know what I am feeling before I do! Since working with Pri, I feel infinitely more grounded and I know I am prepared for the everyday rigors of my job.