Reflect and Reset

Pause. Breathe. Resume. Reflecting can lead to resetting.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Take the time to pause, breathe, and look ahead. It can be a valuable process. When we take the time to look back, we can also take the time to look forward more effectively. Looking back helps us make sense of what happened and looking forward helps us use this information to grow. As the seasons change, the days get longer, and the school year comes to a close, this can be a time ripe for reflection. 

Reflection is a powerful tool, especially when paired with looking ahead. Before you close the doors in your mind on the past, it’s valuable to remember, process what happened, ask questions, and seek other perspectives. 

Look back and look ahead…

  • Process what happened:
    • Decide how you process best: writing, talking, listening, a stillness practice (meditation, breath work), or some combination of these.
    • Give yourself grace and space from issues that caused harm or trauma, and spend time healing.
    • Take time to soak in the joyful moments, successes, and relationships that were built or broken.
  • Ask questions:
    • Approach with curiosity and openness by asking questions: What could have been the opportunities here? What were the constraints? What would I do differently? What would I do the same?
  • Seek other perspectives:
    • Who has a different perspective that I trust and know will be honest? How did my biases or beliefs influence/impact my decisions? 
  • Withhold judgement
    • Speak to yourself as you would to a friend. Be open, curious, and kind.
    • Lean into generous interpretations when you reflect on the past and the people. In The Braving Inventory in Dare to Lead, Brenė Brown describes generosity as “Extending the most generous interpretation to the intentions, words, and actions of others.”

One vital piece of this reflection process is to withhold judgment. This is an inquiry process of learning, curiosity, and growth. Judgment gets in the way of all these things. Judging ourselves and others as we reflect can close us to opportunities and understanding. It causes harm. Be kind to yourself and others as you process. 

How will you take time to reflect? What will be your process? Pause. Breathe. Resume and reset. Looking back can inform looking ahead.