• I began working with Pri in the Spring of 2023 as I navigated a transition from longtime teacher to full-time school administrator. At that time, I was having challenges managing my time efficiently and striking the balance between building long-term systems and solving day-to-day problems. I felt inefficient, ineffective, and a little lost when I reached out to Pri. I am so thankful that I did. Pri has completely changed the way I approach my work, my time, and my relationships with all the various stakeholders in an educational setting. Her coaching has brought the best out of me, and we have worked to create a path that is unique to my strengths and gifts as an educator. Pri is an amazing listener, and she seems to know what I am feeling before I do! Since working with Pri, I feel infinitely more grounded and I know I am prepared for the everyday rigors of my job. I am so grateful for her time and support, and if you are thinking about working with Pri, do it! You will not regret it. 

    -Rob Heavner, Dean of Students, Billings Middle School
  • I have been working with Pri for the past year and a half to become the leader I strive to be. She supports me to process, reflect, and navigate a variety of new and sometimes challenging situations always grounding our work in what is best for students. Her wealth of knowledge, experience, patience, and compassion have been my steady companions throughout my journey as a new administrator. Pri helps me to be better at my job each and every day.

    -Michelle Harrison, Lower Division Head, The Evergreen School
  • We were fortunate enough to work with Pri in revamping our Apprentice Teacher Training Handbook. Her thoughtful suggestions, examples of “best practices” and conversations improved our handbook and most importantly our Apprentice and Mentor teacher experience in a myriad of ways. She is a skilled coach of teachers at all levels of expertise and helped create an observation and feedback system that is effective and cohesive. Her wealth of experience and listening skills are outstanding-highly recommended!

    -Gretchen Tapscott, Co-Director of Apprentice Teacher Training Program, New Canaan Country School, New Canaan Country School
  • Working with Pri helped me clarify my enduring priorities, basic beliefs, and ethical commitments.  I was able to work on myself in very reflective ways and get tactical about immediate decisions and next steps.  Leadership is always a growth opportunity, but since I worked with Pri, I think that I learned more and I had fewer missteps. Since leadership can be both lonely and impactful, taking care of my own development became a way for me to take care of the folks I led.

    -Dr. Sally V. Maxwell, Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning, MICDS
  • Patient, knowledgeable and supportive, Pri is a wonderful coach with great insights into how schools operate. Whether approaching conversations about students, parents, or fellow educators, she begins with what is best for kids and then uses her deep knowledge of education to guide our conversations. I have developed into a better school leader because of my work with her.

    -Stephanie Wright, Ph.D., Director of Programs, Rainier Scholars


  • I have been lucky enough to have worked with Pri for more than 15 years. In that time, I have seen her shine as a division head, teacher leader, and curriculum specialist. She is deeply knowledgeable and invested in the entire ecosystem of the school while honoring the relationships between teachers, students, staff, and parents. She is especially gifted in working with students who have different learning styles and abilities. As a talented educator who will help your school community learn and grow, Pri will bring life to culturally diverse topics and issues, support parents through the various stages of a child’s development, and groom teachers to their highest level of professionalism.

    I can think of no better guide and talent than Pri Alahendra.

    Lucinda Lee Katz, Ph.D., Retired Head of School, The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Marin Country Day School

  • Pri is an educational leader who brings head, heart, organizational perspective, and individual care to her work in the community. Experienced, discerning, and just fun to work with, Pri is an inspiring colleague who ups your game. She’s the person asking the questions that need to be asked, always learning as an integral part of her practice of leading.

    Alison Park, Founder of Blink Consulting

  • I so enjoyed working with Pri during her time at The Bush School. She is a thoughtful educator, a skilled communicator, and strategic thinker. Her work helped to move our K-12 school forward on a host of core strategic areas including faculty professional development and support, DEIA, and experiential learning. She has made a marked impact on our community, and I know that she will do the same for any organization. I recommend her without reservation.

    Percy Abram, Ph.D., Head of School, The Bush School, Seattle, WA
  • Pri is that very rare and wonderful combination of a visionary school leader and a full-hearted classroom teacher. She is at ease shaking hands in the boardroom as she is on the carpet with students. Working alongside Pri has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my 30-year career in education.

    Kimberly Mitchell, Founder, Inquiry Partners and Lecturer, UW College of Education, author of Experience Inquiry, 5 Powerful Strategies, 50 Practical Experiences