Executive Coaching with PRI

As you consider leading in your institution, have you considered the support you will need? Executive coaching is a meaningful way to support your role and is an impactful form of professional development. Your success as a leader is the success of your team. Your time is valuable and now more than ever is stretched in a million directions. I had the great opportunity and privilege to be a part of a diverse and dynamic cohort at The Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute. I am excited to bring thoughtful and effective coaching practices to my coachees through my learnings from the skilled faculty coaches at BECI. I help my clients establish priorities and plans to achieve them. I work alongside clients as they build leadership skills, establish, and achieve goals in decision-making, relationship-building, problem-solving, and many more essential areas to become strong and dynamic leaders who listen to and understand their constituencies. Using a high ask, low tell model of coaching coupled with asking open-ended questions allows the coachee to develop their own skills and solve their own problems. The coachee has the answers.

Consulting and Coaching for Schools

I have extensive experience partnering with independent schools in coaching senior administrators, working alongside teams as a consultant, and developing teacher training and teacher development programs. I believe in grounding the work in the school’s mission and strategic plan as well as keeping what’s best for students as a key guidepost. Clear, consistent, and direct communication is a key tenant in my partnerships.

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The Bush School

The Evergreen School

New Canaan Country School

The Peck School

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