Educational Services

Educational Services

Executive Coaching in Schools with PRI 

How do I balance my time? How do I communicate effectively? How do I prioritize goals for myself and for my school, division, or department? How do I keep students at the center of my work? Often promising educators are placed in leadership positions with much hope for success. They quickly learn that leadership in independent schools is a complex puzzle with many constituencies, and frequently each one has a different point of view and competing needs. They may feel pulled in multiple directions while juggling the varied responsibilities of the position. Coaching is a way to help them realize their capabilities, develop skills, and gain self-awareness. I am committed to the growth of leaders of color in independent schools and firmly believe that effective and thoughtful coaching is a key component to growing dynamic leaders. 

Teacher Coaching with PRI

Are you eager for professional and constructive feedback? Do you need time to reflect on your practice? Teaching is a rewarding and challenging career. At times, it can also be isolating as we work in the silos of our own classrooms. Oftentimes, our schools are not built to offer teachers regular feedback in order to ensure professional growth. Whether you are a new teacher just starting out, a mid-career teacher on a steady path, or a veteran teacher who is always seeking growth opportunities, coaching can work for you. Teacher coaching helps educators practice what is best for their students, reflect on their practice, and move forward intentionally in order to improve. 

Consulting On New Teacher Training Programs (for assistants/associates/apprentices/interns)

Does your school’s new teacher training program need clear and thoughtful assessments? Do your mentor teachers and teachers in training have clear guidelines and expectations? In two different independent schools, I coordinated the teacher training programs for assistant teachers. I know that apprentice and associate teacher programs are essential parts of independent schools. When our experienced teachers become mentors for those new to education, our school becomes a true teaching and learning institution. Everyone benefits from a well-run and thoughtful training program: students, mentors, assistants, families, and school leaders. Developing a mission, teacher seminars, assessments, and benchmarks that fit with the vision and values of your school takes time and work. I am here to support aligning your teacher training program with your school’s vision and mission. 

Curriculum Development with PRI

Are you embarking on a new curriculum deep dive? Do you need to align the curriculum at your school to better meet your student’s needs? As an early childhood educator of 27 years, I have extensive experience in elementary school and in curricular design. My background in curricular design uses Understanding by Design methods, elements of the Design Thinking process, and the Inquiry Approach in order to keep student learning and outcomes at the core of all curriculum design. I am also familiar with using standards such as the Education for Sustainability Standards developed by the Cloud Institute. I believe it is essential for schools to design and teach curricula around anti-bias education. Supporting our students of color through an intentional classroom curriculum is a vital and necessary component in creating a stronger community for all our students. I have been fortunate to learn from diversity, equity, and inclusion experts such as Alison ParkDr. Steven Jones, and Robert Greene to name a few. I have explored and designed curriculum as well as attended workshops that continue to inform my ever-growing thinking and work. I collaborate with school leaders, Academic Deans, Directors of Teaching and Learning, and/or curricular task forces to review and develop curricula that meet the needs of the students and keep in mind the school’s mission and philosophy.