Month: February 2022

Stephanie Wright

Patient, knowledgeable and supportive, Pri is a wonderful coach with great insights into how schools operate. Whether approaching conversations about students, parents, or fellow educators, she begins with what is best for kids and then uses her deep knowledge of education to guide our conversations. I have developed into a better school leader because of my work with her.

-Stephanie Wright, Ph.D., Director of Programs, Rainier Scholars


Start Small to Make Big Change

In the last few years, my son has become an avid climber. He loves to scale the indoor climbing walls as well as make his way up to some actual mountains. Of course, I found this terrifying as his mother. One look at the heights and steep climbs and I was scared. He took me once to an indoor climbing gym and I watched as he took one small part of the wall at a time, sometimes trying the same foothold and spot multiple times. I found this to be an intriguing and valuable lesson. One mistake I often make in my life is that when I want to make a change, I start with a BIG idea or vision and leap in with lots of energy trying to get directly to my end goal. As I watched my son practicing securing each foothold, I realized that he was teaching me something important.

Lucinda Lee Katz

I have been lucky enough to have worked with Pri for more than 15 years. In that time, I have seen her shine as a division head, teacher leader, and curriculum specialist. She is deeply knowledgeable and invested in the entire ecosystem of the school while honoring the relationships between teachers, students, staff, and parents. She is especially gifted in working with students who have different learning styles and abilities. As a talented educator who will help your school community learn and grow, Pri will bring life to culturally diverse topics and issues, support parents through the various stages of a child’s development, and groom teachers to their highest level of professionalism.

I can think of no better guide and talent than Pri Alahendra.

Lucinda Lee Katz, Ph.D., Retired Head of School, The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Marin Country Day School

Alison Park

Pri is an educational leader who brings head, heart, organizational perspective, and individual care to her work in the community. Experienced, discerning, and just fun to work with, Pri is an inspiring colleague who ups your game. She’s the person asking the questions that need to be asked, always learning as an integral part of her practice of leading.

Alison Park, Founder of Blink Consulting

Percy Abram

I so enjoyed working with Pri during her time at The Bush School. She is a thoughtful educator, a skilled communicator, and strategic thinker. Her work helped to move our K-12 school forward on a host of core strategic areas including faculty professional development and support, DEIA, and experiential learning. She has made a marked impact on our community, and I know that she will do the same for any organization. I recommend her without reservation.

Percy Abram, Ph.D., Head of School, The Bush School, Seattle, WA

Kimberly Mitchell

Pri is that very rare and wonderful combination of a visionary school leader and a full-hearted classroom teacher. She is at ease shaking hands in the boardroom as she is on the carpet with students. Working alongside Pri has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my 30-year career in education.

Kimberly Mitchell, Founder, Inquiry Partners and Lecturer, UW College of Education, author of Experience Inquiry, 5 Powerful Strategies, 50 Practical Experiences

Polly Fredlund

Pri is a ‘thought leader’ in independent school education with extensive experience at the leadership table and in the classroom. Every time I work with Pri, I know I can count on finding educational solutions rooted in best practice. She is a collaborative leader with a deep understanding of curriculum, people, and school systems. Pri is committed to building school environments that best support teaching and learning. She is adept at leading professional development, building curriculum and programming, and supporting organizational change.

Polly Fredlund, Head of School, Westover School, Middlebury, CT

Danise Olague

Pri is an outstanding advocate, coach, and leader. She brings her many years of experience as a classroom teacher, division head, and early-career teacher trainer to her work and has a comprehensive approach to coaching and mentoring. Pri is one of the most thoughtful, passionate and engaging educators out there and her attention to detail mixed with strategic thinking makes her a highly effective mentor and coach. As a former colleague, I highly recommend working with Pri on your professional journey.

Danise Olague, Former Colleague, Digital Accessibility Educator

Jen Anderson

When I first started teaching, I was lucky to have Pri in the classroom next door. As a coworker with 20 years of experience already, she became an instant mentor. From classroom systems design, to unit and lesson plan development, to putting our heads together to figure out how to best support a struggling student, Pri was first a listener and then a keen observer. Her thoughtful responses and ideas were rooted in who I was as a teacher and built on my strengths. She was able to help me see for myself the areas where I could try something different or to shift my perspective. Now, many years later, even though she lives on the other side of the country, she is still the first friend I call to help me process a classroom challenge. The calls are filled with honest feedback and practical advice along with a lot of laughter!

Balancing Effort and Ease

Balancing effort and ease is one of the paradoxes in leadership and in life. I first heard this phrase in yoga class. Recently, I have developed a yoga routine that has been helpful for me not only in terms of my body but also my mind and spirit. I often feel that the things I learn from my yoga teachers are applicable to life and leadership. This lesson of balancing effort and ease is one of many I am currently learning. 

Balancing effort and ease is one of the phrases that the teachers often mention when holding a difficult position or trying a new pose. As my teacher explained, the challenge should be enough to be interesting and require a certain amount of effort and still, you should be able to breathe and have an awareness of what is happening. When we find the middle path, we find success.

How can you have both effort and ease?