Beginner’s Mindset in Leadership

The beginner’s mindset can be an essential tool when approaching leadership. What is the beginner’s mindset? When you approach leadership as a beginner, you see possibility and free yourself of imagined restrictions. You embrace the idea that you do not know everything. You show humility and listen intentionally to your collaborators. You see yourself as a learner and not solely as the holder of knowledge. You ask questions from a position of inquiry, rather than a position of certainty: I wonder, what if, how might we?

The beginner’s mindset invites a sense of wonder that we often see in our children. You look at things as though you are seeing them for the first time. This allows you to find inspiration and see the awe in the seemingly ordinary. 

The “I don’t know mind’ allows us to embrace being uncomfortable and the unknown. This year more than any other has taught us to expect the unexpected. As leaders, we all know that there are frequent times that we experience uncertainty, discomfort, and change. Being at peace with these elements is a vital part of being an effective leader. Change is the only constant we can be sure of in leadership. Finding peace in change can create a dynamic leadership approach that has realistic and clear expectations while also seeing possibilities, solutions, and collaboration.  

Turn on your beginner’s mindset.  Be humble, feel the wonder, see with a new perspective, find peace in the unknown, and imagine the possibilities!